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30% Federal Tax Credits are Back!!

Innovative Energy is a Company Focused on Geothermal
From our inception in 2009, geothermal systems are all we do. We believe this makes us more knowledgeable than most companies that only install geo occasionally.

We provide geothermal systems for: new homes, existing homes, and we service all brands of geo equipment. We design and install our systems in accordance with IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) standards. We know that a balance of affordability and efficiency provide the quickest return on your investment.


Federal Tax Incentives For Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
30% through 2019
26% through 2020
22% through 2021
Act now for the most savings!
Introduction to Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Having an interest in geothermal heating and cooling systems indicates you are a well informed and innovative consumer.  Geothermal systems can have an initially higher cost, but the lower energy costs they provide can repay the upfront cost and yield steady savings over time. 

Geothermal heat pumps are high efficiency alternatives to furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners. During the heating season, these units move heat energy from the earth to your home.  In the cooling season, they move heat energy from your home to the earth. Liquid in a network of tubing in the earth transports the heat energy to and from the heat pump located in the home.

The US Department of Energy states, "Geothermal heat pumps are among the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling technologies currently available".
Features and Benefits:
  • Reduce energy cost for space heating and dometic hot water
  • A renewable energy source using heat from the sun
  • No point of use greenhouse gas (CO2) helps the environment
  • No combustion or carbon monoxide makes your home safer
  • Improved comfort - even temperatures, reduced drafts, quiet inside and outside

  • Minimal maintenance and longer life because all equipment is inside or underground
  • Geo units are designed for useful life of 20-30 years
  • Ground coupling methods designed for useful life of 100 years
  • Ground heat exchangers will yield approximately $1000- $1500 worth of free heat energy per year
  • This simple and reliable energy producing resource will increase the value of your property