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30% Federal Tax Credits are Back!!

Savings and Rebates

Federal Credits

                                   30% Federal tax credits are available again

Local Utility Rebates

Many local power companies, especially cooperatives, offer rebate programs:
Polk-Burnett currently offers $400 per ton if controlled in summer, $300 if not
Xcel Energy offers $150 per ton Energy Star qualified, closed-loop.
Barron Electric 
offers $400 per ton Energy Star qualified.
East Central Energy currently offers $750 per ton Energy Star qualified complete system with ground loops
Pierce Pepin currently offers $400 per ton Energy Star qualified.
Wright Hennepin currently offers $150 per ton Energy Star qualified

Fuel Savings

What would your fuel savings be with Geothermal?  Our Heating Equivalency Datasheet shows the costs of heating: a typical northwestern WI home, during a typical WI winter, using different fuels and heating equipment.  Savings vary from 30% to 75%.  We will be happy to calculate your specific savings for you.

Environmental Savings

• A ground source heat pump can save on average about four tons of CO2 a year, and up to 50% of your annual carbon footprint.
• A ground source heat pump produces only about 75% of the CO2 of a modern gas-fired boiler.

Minnesota    Center for Energy and Environment                www.mncee.org

CEE offers low interest home energy loans for Minnesota homeowners to make energy improvements in their homes. 

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