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High Efficient Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems!

Harness the Earth's natural heat and embark on a sustainable journey towards energy efficiency with geothermal energy. At Innovative Energy Systems, LLC, we offer innovative solutions to revolutionize how you power and heat your home. Say goodbye to costly utility bills and hello to a greener, more livable future.

Geothermal Heat Pump
Motherboard of geothermal unit
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What Is Geothermal?

A geothermal heat pump is a high efficient system that extracts heat from the ground to heat your home. It works by pumping fluid through a series of 'ground loops' below the Earth's surface at a depth of roughly 20 feet. At this depth the temperature of the Earth is at a constant 49-52°F. This warm soil will heat up the fluid in the ground loops which will then be sent back to the heat pump where it is extracted through a heat exchanger to heat your home. In the summer time the heat pump can work in reverse to cool your home. The Earth's thermal mass is our battery that heats and cools your home.

Geothermal systems are not only cost effective, environmentally friendly, but also are quieter and more efficient in distributing heat throughout the whole house. 


Geothermal heating and cooling system
Table displaying benefits of a geothermal heat pump

Why Choose Geothermal Heating/Cooling?

1.           Unmatched Energy Efficiency:  Geothermal systems tap into the Earth's stable temperature to provide reliable heating, cooling, and hot water solutions. With up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional systems, you'll experience remarkable efficiency and substantial cost reductions.

2.           Environmental Stewardship: Take an active role in preserving our planet. Geothermal energy is clean, renewable, and emits minimal greenhouse gases. Choosing geothermal will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

3.           Long-Term Savings: Invest in your financial well-being. While the upfront costs may be higher, geothermal systems offer exceptional returns. You'll enjoy significant long-term savings and increased property value with reduced maintenance, longer equipment lifespan, and potential tax incentives.

4.           Total Home Comfort: Experience unparalleled indoor comfort all year round. Enjoy a serene living environment where comfort and tranquility converge. Geothermal systems provide consistent temperatures, eliminate hot or cold spots, and operate quietly.

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