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Customer Testimonials

"Jerry and Jackson from Innovative Energy, LLC. have been just great to work with from the start. They are always available when needed and their working knowledge of my Geothermal heating and cooling system and the industry has been terrific. Our system has always operated at peak performance and the costs to heat, cool and provide hot water for our house has averaged under $20/month for the last 4 years. We strongly recommend working with Innovative Energy if you're thinking about installing Geothermal. No brainer!"

- Rick F. (4/2024)

"Our geothermal system has been the best upgrade we have done to our home. Jerry is professional, responsive and great to work with. Totally love our dirt cooled ac/heat. The heat is cozy and consistent throughout the house. Love it!"

- Amy M (4/2024)

Just a quick note to express a thank you for the great installation, service and general hand holding as we stood up geothermal in both our home and lodge.  
Geothermal has been a game changer for us, both from workload and  environmental footprint.  Our previous wood boiler system had us cutting  many cords of wood each season and any 2am trip to fill the boiler during a frigid spell is too many! 

We also like that geothermal sets up for further energy independence.  We’ve broken our dependency on gas and in the future we can add solar to lessen our dependency on outside electric.

We thought long and hard about the upfront expense of geothermal, What sold us was the long term durability of the systems, the low cost of A/C during the summer months and giving our property a lighter environmental footprint for us and those that will come after us.
Thanks again for making this happen, you and your team have been so easy to work with and the quality of the install is outstanding.

Thanks so much, Ann and Tom J." (1/15/23)

"We would like to express our satisfaction and gratitude for the positive experience working with Jerry Waltman and his son, Jackson from Geothermal Innovative Energy LLC. Our geothermal home project had several challenges that Jerry took the extra time and effort to resolve.
The initial consultation with Geothermal Innovative Energy was a positive, informative interaction with us. They explained the geothermal concept and detailed their products and how they operate. An assessment of our home energy needs was conducted so that the right system was created to meet the heating, cooling and hot water needs of the home. They also provided a concise and professional binder containing all the information, illustrations and details of the project. This has been a great reference tool that we continue to utilize for questions and information on not only our system, but on the geothermal concepts as well.

Installing the closed loop system in the ground was one of the challenges of this project. Initially the plan was to drill the lines underground, but rocky terrain prevented that option. After consultation with us, it was decided to dig the field with an excavator instead. This meant digging the field down to about 11 feet throughout the entire loop field. This option did work out well and allowed for a visual perspective of the size and scope of how this loop system works.

Because our home project was a remodel of the entire house, Geothermal Innovative Energy subcontracted the duct work to a professional HVAC company. This resulted in a customized duct system that was designed for the installed system. Working with the subcontractors went well because Jerry stayed in contact with us and the HVAC installers to make sure any issues were resolved to our satisfaction. If we needed to contact Jerry, he was available by phone and would make the 1.5 hour trip from his office to our home if the issue required it.
Our particular geothermal unit had a system failure that required a complete replacement of the heat pump and hot water heater. Climate Master, the manufacturer of the unit, stood behind their warranty and provided a completely new system. Jerry and his son made all the needed arrangements to replace our system promptly with little interruption of our heating and hot water
needs during winter conditions. They came out and spent over 10 hours taking out the old system and installing the new unit.

The geothermal system is now functioning wonderfully. We are so happy with how it efficiently heats the home and hot water. This entire project would have not been possible and would have not resulted in our satisfaction if it had not been for the professional, personal and knowledgeable commitment of Jerry Waltman and Geothermal Innovative Energy LLC.
Thank you, Jerry for all your hard work. We appreciate you and your company for helping to make
our house a comfortable, efficient home.

Larry and Kay S." (1/24/23)

"I was one of Innovative Energy's early install - approximately 10 years ago. Mine was a retro-fit of an existing 25- year old wood/fuel oil combination furnace. No more cutting - hauling - splitting wood! Innovative Energy also connected my water heater to the Geo system. The system installed in my house has the ability to pre-heat the water entering my electric water heater. This happens in the summertime when the Geo System is in air conditioning mode. This adds to the efficiency of the system. A nice thing about Geothermal heat is that there is no combustion - so no carbon monoxide is produced- one less worry! I received a statement from Xcel (my electric provider) comparing my electric usage to their customers for the month of August. It said my electric usage was 46 % lower than houses within a 6-mile radius from my home. This convinced me that having a Geothermal heating and cooling system was a good investment!"

- Alan R., Taylors Falls, MN (11/2021)

“The geothermal energy system in our newly built home is running great. My wife and I are glad we chose to go green with Innovative Energy systems. We are not tech-minded people. To better understand geothermal, Jerry Waltman invited us to see an existing system he had installed in another home. That helped a lot. He also explained things throughout the installation process. Honest and diligent, when there was an unforeseen hiccup, Jerry was on it and doggedly worked to correct it. As a measure of satisfaction, we told him that if a potential customer wants to see what a geothermal system looks like, he can show them ours.

Thanks, Jerry!Michael and Veronica S.” (2/2/2023)

"Jerry and the team from Innovative Energy did an outstanding job with our geothermal install! We have had our unit since 2016 and all of our annual service work has been provided by Jerry. We were impressed after the initial meeting! They came to our home and thoroughly explained how geothermal works and what we could expect. From there they took measurements of all the rooms in our home and examined all of our current duct work. We had a follow-up meeting in which they provided us with a detailed analysis of all the information they collected and provided us with GREAT recommendation and estimates on units that would fit our needs. On top of it all, they were able to calculate in the right size unit to accommodate current needs as well as our future addition to our home so we didn’t have a bunch of rework to do. We can’t say enough about the quality service we have been provided by Jerry and the team!"

- Dionne L., Lindstrom, MN (12/2021)

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