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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do geothermal in an existing home replacing an old furnace?

YES! One of our most asked questions and yes we absolutely can install a geothermal into an already existing home. This would consist of Innovative Energy removing your old furnace and air conditioner, drilling the ground loops, and installing a new geothermal unit.

How deep do the ground loops go?

If we are doing horizontal drilling (most likely) we will drill 20 feet down and then out roughly 300 feet. If we are drilling vertically then we will drill 300 feet down. At just 20 feet below the surface the ground is at a constant 49-52 degrees Fahrenheit.

What if I want to do in-floor radiant heat?

We have geothermal systems that can produce in-floor heat! We have clients that use one geothermal heat pump connected to an air handler that uses both in-floor heat and forced air for cooling.

What if the ground loops break?

The loops we use are called HDPE standing for high density polyethene. These tubes are manufactured to last at least 50 years, but the manufactures say they are good for 100 years. If by some chance there is a leak in the loops, we have techniques to clog up the loops and have your geo running again. 

How many acres of land do I need for geothermal?

The minimum  number of acres we would need to do horizontal drilling is 3/4 of an acre. If a customer has less than that we can make arrangements to do vertical drilling, but would depend on the situation. 

Can a geothermal heat pump use a zoning system in my duct work?

Absolutely, just like a regular furnace we can install a zoning system throughout your duct work so that you can control and change temperatures throughout different areas in your home.

How does a geothermal make both forced air heating and hot water?

A geothermal heat pump is set up for space heating priority meaning it will make sure that your home temperature is satisfied first. Once it reaches set point the set point will divert its attention to producing hot water for you to enjoy in your showers, sinks, and faucets, and it will divert back to space heating/cooling if it needs to.

Can a geothermal system be powered by solar?

Yes, Innovative Energy has many customers that use photovoltaic solar to power their geothermal heat pump.

Reach out to if you have more questions on geothermal heat pumps.

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