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Our Process

Innovative Energy provides one-on-one consultation before, during, and after installation. We take great pride in ensuring our customers come first. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Below is a list of steps that Innovative Energy would take once you have inquired about installing a geothermal heat pump. 

1. Site Visit Survey

       Innovative Energy will send out representative to survey your home. In this survey the representative will ask questions about current heating/cooling needs, take notes on supply and return duct work, and will take pictures of your home's exterior for a heating load calculation. 

2. Load Calculation

      Upon completing the home survey, Innovative Energy will then complete a heating load calculation, which takes into account insulation, number of windows, solar exposure... This calculation will determine how many BTUs/hour of heating and cooling your house will need to stay comfortable. (load calc example, see right)

3. Proposal

       Once the load calculation is complete, Innovative Energy will start working on the proposal bid for you. This proposal will be a three-ringed binder consisting of your load calculations, contract, references, geothermal installment details, and more. IE will then present this proposal to you, and allow you to take the binder home and discuss next steps.

4. Installment

       If you, the customer, approve of the proposal you will sign the contract and IE will get started on the installment. The first steps of the installment would be ordering the specific geothermal unit, and drilling the ground loops. After the ground loops are in and heat pump is in the shop, Innovative Energy will come out to the site and take out the existing furnace (if a retrofit), and install the new geothermal heat pump. IE expects that the installment of new unit will take 3 days or less after the loops and parts are in. 

5. Comfort

       After the installment of the new geothermal heat pump, IE will answer all remaining questions and will set up your thermostat to your specific comfort needs. Once that is all done you can now start enjoying your heat or cooling made directly from our home planet.

Load Calc Screenshot.png
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